About me

I've been interested in health and fitness for as long as I can remember.  As a child I was a keen sportsperson and always interested in discovering what could make you fitter, stronger and faster than your competitors.  As an adult, my interest developed further after starting a family and reflecting on my own childhood.  


Homeopathy has been a part of my family for over a century starting with my grandfather, and then my mother.  As a family we were raised predominantly on natural treatments, whether it be via homeopathic remedies or by using generations old natural methods and techniques involving the use of herbs and plants.  It was referred to as old wives tales at the time, but mint and fennel seeds infused in boiling water always miraculously settled that funny tummy after eating too much birthday cake!


In 2009 my eldest daughter was diagnosed with autism and it was then that natural and alternative medicine really took over our lives!  Orthodox practitioners advised to just accept the diagnosis but I was determined to help alleviate her symptoms to help my child live as normal a life as possible.  I started to see amazing results through a number of natural detox programmes I compiled, including the use of homeopathy.


Today, I help people understand how easy it is to take control of their own health needs and treat everyday ailments naturally and safely.  I also guide parents of special needs children with information and advice on how to secure resources and services, aswell as working on treatment plans for their loved one's conditions.




Tahira Bartolo


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