"Tahira has been treating me for a few months now. She has treated conditions that I have had for years and they have nearly disappeared. I would recommend everyone to try her treatments. I can honestly say that I don't know what I would do without her!"

Vickie, Essex

"I decided to give homeopathy a try after conventional medicine had failed to treat my acne for the past decade.  My approach was skeptical to say the least, but I was out of options and, because I was told it had no damaging side effects, I had nothing to lose.  The only thing I can say is: I don't know how it works, only that it does.  I've been taking homeopathic remedies for a couple of months now and my acne has cleared quicker and more effectively than any antibiotic, contraceptive pill or tetracycline ever has.  I don't have the worry of potential long term damage of taking them or the inconvenience of popping a huge antibiotic pill at a regimented hour every day.  I don't think I'll ever understand why it works but I'd never look to another treatment for my acne now."

Bas, London

"Tahira has helped me overcome several different health issues including sudden onset hives which had caused me many years of pain and discomfort that conventional medicine had only ever temporarily helped. Tahira is without a doubt the most professional and committed health consultant I have ever met and I have no problems recommending her and her range of natural health services she provides to anyone who wishes to try a different and safe approach to improving their overall lifestyle. Thank you so much Tahira for positively changing my life!"

James, London

Natural Healthcare

"After suffering for four year with daily flare ups of idiopathic urticaria. I was amazed at the quick results following one consultation with Tahira which was very relaxed and felt more like a chat. Tahira also help with other smaller problems, resulting in all areas of life being better. Couldn't be happier with the service and advise she has given."

Laura, Essex