Nutritional Guidance

Good nutrition is at the very foundations of good health and sometimes it takes just a small adjustment in diet to see positive changes in your overall mood and wellbeing.  Good nutritional advice is valuable for people from all walks of life as changes in diet and eating habits can help tackle a multitude of problems including obesity, skin conditions, PMS and depression.


Supplements Advice

We often turn to supplements at times of physical stress like low energy levels, menstration, menopause, pregnancy and ill-health.  Without the right combination of quality supplements, our efforts are often in vain as supplements can pass through our systems without our bodies absorbing the nutrients it needs to improve our health problems.  With the correct guidance and advice, we can help you implement the changes necessary to see the improvements you desire.


Nutritional Advice

Homeopathy is a non-toxic form of medicine that uses highly diluted substances to trigger the body’s natural healing responses.  Homeopathy works on the principle that “like cures like”.  This means that a substance, which in high doses will be harmful to a patient, can be used in minute doses to help trigger the body’s self-defence mechanism to cure the very same symptoms it can cause.  Homeopathy is an effective system in treating both physical and emotional problems, naturally.  


Bush/Flower Essences

These originally consisted of just 38 remedies derived from natural British wild flowers but have since expanded to incorporate essences from plants across the globe.  These treatments are completely safe for all the family, including pregnant women, children and the elderly and work wonderfully on re-stabilising the emotions at times of stress and hardship.


Detox programmes

Whether you choose a programme to improve general health or to tackle a particular health concern, helping our bodies get rid of unwanted substances periodically, is always a good idea.  This can be done through nutritional advice, juicing, a homeopathic treatment programme or a combination of all three.   This is particularly effective for children on the Autistic Spectrum to help alleviate symptoms.

Autism/ASD Support

Advice and support for families of disabled children.  Intervention at the earliest stage possible is crucial and guidance can be given on how to secure local services via education and health, yours and your child's rights and support organisations and charities for funding towards equipment and therapy.


Autism and special needs children